Ture HEPA Car Home Office Air Cleaner Purifiers Mini Ozone Ionic Portable Air Purifier

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Dual Modes & Multi Functions:
1. O3 & O3+ Mode
- Powerful deodorization, sterilization functions to remove toxic and allergens in the air by ozone.
2. Ionic Mode
- Effectively removes particle pollutants in the air by releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions
Negative ion output: 5Million pcs/cm3
Ozone output: 12mg/h
Application: Fridge, car, shoe cabinet, desktop 

Certificates & Patents

-Dual Mode Ozone Ionic Air Purifier has been certified with CE, FCC, RoHS.

BREATHE SAFER, CLEANER AIR: This personal air purifier releases more than 5 million negative ions, pushing pollutants away from your personal space. 

PROTECT YOU QUIETLY: Use an advanced fan to make the sound very quiet during operation and not to disturb you during work or rest. Easy to operate, just press the button for two seconds to enjoy fresh air

Diversified usage scenarios: refrigerator, shoe cabinet, car, working

TAKE IT WITH YOU: On the go, wearing this clothing in public places or other places with poor air quality creates a cleaner area and makes the air healthier