Masmire Car Air Purifier with USB Car Charger 2-Port. Car Air Freshener Eliminate Odor, Dust, Pollen

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Frustrated by the smell of smoke, weed, pets odor, mold, food and bad odor in your car?

Introducing  Car Air Purifier 2-In-1 Freshener, Ionizer, With Dual USB Charging Ports. It releases negative ions in the car to eliminate odor and thus increases the air quality.

Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, at the beach, and after a storm.

The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne pollutants. Besides they also clear the air of dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke. Negative ions perform this function by attaching themselves to positively charged particles in large numbers and negatively charging those particles. As a result, these particles become too heavy to remain airborne and are thus prevented from entering your breathing passage!

Negative Ions Releases By Ionizer

 Car Air Purifier is an Ionizer that works by creating static charge ions around the airborne contaminants that are floating around the car. These negative ions can eliminate odor and it also generates a safe level of ozone longer the purifier is plug-in, the more ions are released!

Ions Attach To Airborne Particles In the Car

These negative ions generated by the car purifier will attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, smoke, and other odors. The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air. Your air feels fresh because the contaminants are no longer floating around in mid-air!

Ions Form Solid With Airborne Particles To Fall Down

These heavier dirt particles fall to the car surface and wait to be swept up at a later time. Car owners can easily clean these surfaces by dusting or wiping them off with a rag or wet wipe. Please give the ionizer at least 7 days for it to reduce or completely remove odor and purify the air for better air quality!