Hydroponics Growing System 6 Pods with LED Grow Light, White and Green Twins, for Home Kitchen, Height Adjustable

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1. Touch Button: light automatic change 12hours on/12hours off
2. Water level indication
3. Strong extendable rod
4. Removable design for easy cleaning of the tank
5. Two colour combination, twins design


(Cost Version: No adaptor)
1. Input: 5V 2A Power: 10W
4. Plant: 3pots*2
5. Color: White+Green/OEM
6. Water tank capacity: 0.9L*2                                                                                                  7. Product size: 147*131*450(H)mm NW: 0.52kg                                                                          Packing size: 310*180*160(H)mm GW: 1.2kg