Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods with LED Grow Light, for Home Kitchen, Height Adjustable

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Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Indoor Hydroponic Smart Garden Kit
1. Smart Version: Clock, Temperature and Humidity display, Days planted and automatic fertilization remind.
2. Water level indicator and added filling funnel
3. Strong extendable rod
4. Two planting light version: Germination, Plant&Harvest
5. Removable water tank for easy clean
6. Unique base design for more plant germination
7. TUYA APP will cost up 5USD!

1. Input: AC100-240V 50\60Hz
2. Output: DC24V 1.5A
3. Power: 36W
4. Plant: 12pots
5. Color: Black
6. Water tank capacity: 4.2L
7. Product size: 43.5cm*19cm*23.5cm    NW: 2.15kg
    Packing size: 47.5cm*20.5cm*26.8cm   GW:2.6kg

Packing list:
1.Plant basket*12
2.Plant sponge*12
3.Seedling growing tray dome *12
4.Nutrient *2
5.Filling funnel*1
6.Water level indicator*1
8.User manual*1
9.Water pump*1